OEM Installation

This is a brief walkthrough for Ubuntu OEM Installation.

Installation Process

Note: To get to the OEM Installation menu you have to keep the Shift key pressed during boot as of Lucid Lynx 10.04.1.

Once you are on the installer selection options menu hit the F4 key to select the OEM install mode. Then hit Enter.


You get straight to the systems batch name selection window. This name will be used for bug reports.


Now select how Ubuntu should be installed, this is where you can customize the partitioning etc.


Select your location.


Select the keyboard layout.


Now choose a password for the temporary oem user which will have full administrative powers. Make sure to remember it.


Wait for the installation process to finish.


System Restart

After rebooting the system you will automatically log in with the temporary oem user.


Now you can install addition software, drivers or configure the system as desired. When you're done doing that click on the Prepare for shipping to end user icon on the desktop.


This removes the oem user on next boot.

End User's First Boot

Once the computer was shipped to the end user and he finally boots for the first time he will be taken to the system setup wizard where he will be able to set his location, keyboard layout, user name etc.

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