This guide is for setting up a USB ADSL modem with the EciAdsl driver (Globespan GS7070 chipset based) under Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake).


USB is far from the ideal medium for network access, if you can get your hands on an ethernet modem you may save yourself some trouble. If you have a modem that can connect both via USB and ethernet you should use the ethernet connection.

To get a Globespan GS7070 (Titanium) chipset based modem to work under Dapper, we will use the EciAdsl driver.

Compatible modems : Aethra Starmodem, Allnet ALL768UB, Archtek UGW-8000, Askey ALE070, Askey ALE130, Askey ALE150, Asus AAM6000UG, Atlantis I-Storm, Aztech DSL100U, BT Voyager, BT Voyager 100, BT Voyager 105, Cypress Globespan G7000, D-Link DSL200, D-Link DSL200 rev B, Digicom MichelAngelo USB, Dynalink ALE070, Dynalink ALE800, ECI HiFocus / B-Focus, Eicon Diva, Ericsson hm120dp, Ericsson Hm121dp/di, Fujitsu FDX310, Gomedia AM100, GreatSpeed GS-U210G Neo, GVC BB039, Ipmdatacom Dataway USB, Ipmdatacom Speedweb, Ipmdatacom Webpower, Kraun ADSL USB, Linkmax HSA 100, Lucent CellPipe 20A USB, Lucent Cellpipe 20A USB #2, Nortek 2020 (models #1 and #2), Nortek 2021, Onixon DSL100U, Opticom DSLink 180U, Prolink Hurricane 7000, Siemens Santis (model #3), Siemens Santis (models #1 and #2), Siemens Santis 10, Siemens Santis 100, Siemens Santis ADSL 10, SMC 7003 V.2 USB ADSL, Solwise SAR100 / EA100, Supergrass ADSL USB Surfer, Telewell TW-EA100, Topcom Webr@cer 850, Topcom Xplorer 850, Turbocomm EA100, Turbocomm EA103, US Robotics 8500, Virata ADSL USB Wan modem, Wisecom ws-ad80usg, WyTek FM028, Xavi X7005Q2, Xentrix USB, Zoom 5510 ADSL, Zyxel Prestige 630-41.

For AOL Users

If you use a BT Voyager 105 modem and connect to AOL, then use this guide to get AOL working under Ubuntu:

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