This page describes setting up the Evolution Mail Client to access your email from your Google Mail (or 'Gmail') account. There are two basic steps to this process. First you enable your Google Mail account so that mail can be sent and received through POP and SMTP. Second you set up Evolution to access your Google Mail account.

Enable Gmail POP/SMTP Access

This is the first step and will only have to be done once. If you decide to set up another mail client using this account, you will not have to do this step again.

  1. Log into your Google Mail account at

  2. Click on the settings button in the top right hand corner.

    • gmailsetup0.png

  3. Choose the Forwarding and POP tab.

  4. Set to your personal preferences, one of the following MUST be selected.

    • Enable POP for all mail
    • Enable POP only for mail that arrives from now on
  5. Save your settings.


Create Gmail Account in Evolution

This will set up Evolution to access your Google Mail account. If this is your first account to be set up, a wizard will open when you first start Evolution. Otherwise you will have to add an account by using the following Evolution menu item Edit>Preferences>Mail Accounts>Add

Receiving(POP) Mail

  • Server Type: POP

  • Server:

  • Username:

  • Use Secure Connection: SSL encryption

  • Authentication: Password Authentication

Sending(smtp) Mail

  • Server:

  • Server requires authentication: Checked

  • Security: TLS encryption

  • Authentication: Plain or Login

  • Username:

Evolution Account Assistant

This is a visual representation of the steps used to set up your account using the Evolution Account Assistant.

  1. This is the first window of the Evolution Account Assistant, you will click forward.


  1. Here you will fill out your name and e-mail address, then click forward.
    • evolutionsetup1.png

  2. Choose POP as the server type, fill in server and port number separated by a colon ( and username, select SSL encryption, password authentication, then click forward.
    • evolutionsetup2a.png

  3. Set this to your personal preference.
    • evolutionsetup3.png

  4. Select SMTP as the server type, fill in server and port number separated by a colon ( or if using SSL encryption) and username, check 'server requires authentication', choose TLS encryption, and Login authentication, select remember password if required and click forward.
    • evolutionsetup4a.png

  5. This should already be filled in for you, click forward.
    • evolutionsetup5.png

  6. You are now finished, click Apply.
    • evolutionsetup6a.png

Using Google with Evolution in Other Ways

As stated, the above instructions are for setting up POP access to a Google Mail / Google Apps mail / Gmail account. Access using IMAP is also possible, although this could be confusing due to different email paradigms. For example, there is no concept of labels in IMAP.

This is Google's description of how they have resolved some of the differences. Their Getting started with IMAP for Gmail page links to instructions for various email clients, but at the time of writing Evolution is not included, so consider these instead.

In addition to email, the main Evolution page here also has information/links for Google Calendar integration, and getting Evolution contacts into Google Mail.

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