This page describes setting up the Evolution Mail Client to access your email from your Hotmail (Windows Live) account.

Create A Hotmail Account In Evolution

This will set up Evolution to access your Hotmail account. If this is your first account to be set up, a wizard will open when you first start Evolution. Otherwise you will have to add an account by using the following Evolution menu item Edit>Preferences>Mail Accounts>Add

Receiving(POP) Mail

  • Server Type: POP

  • Server: (Port 995)

  • Username:

  • Use Secure Connection: SSL encryption

  • Authentication: Password Authentication

Sending(smtp) Mail

  • Server: (Port 25 or 587)

    • Note: Some ISPs block port 25, if you are having a problem sending mail, substitute for the server information above.

  • Server requires authentication: Checked

  • Security: TLS encryption

  • Authentication: Plain or Login

  • Username:

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