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Ubuntu needs some good video editors. Since there seems to be no page at all on this topic, I figured I would start one, listing the ones I know. I'm trying to get into this, but I haven't really tried any of these. Thus, the order that these editors are presented has no meaning. FSF.org has a section on video editors (which is probably more useful than this page) here.


This one is installable from Getdeb.net. At the time of this writing, this project is having a fund raising initiative by http://linuxfund.org/ , which is how this project came to my attention.


http://jahshaka.org/ This editor was formerly available on Ubuntu, but it ran into inner trouble and disappeared altogether. It appears to be back, and preparing for a new release. Lets hope it gets packaged for Ubuntu.


Installable via apt-get, etc. I was told that this is a powerful video editor with a steep learning curve.


Installable via apt-get, etc. I just discovered this. The GUI seems very straight forward.

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