Marvell Chipset Edition

The Marvell chipset edition of the Dlink DWL-G510 wireless networking card usually has some problems during the driver install. Using this version of the card, you need to use ndiswrapper to get this working. Usually, there seems to be no error while installing the drivers via ndiswrapper until you run the following code... modprobe ndiswrapper After you run that code, you usually get a 'Segment Fault', and if you try to run it again it locks up. Below this, is a tutorial on how to install the drivers for the Marvell chipset edition quickly, easily, and within a few minutes.

1) Get ndiswrapper-utils. sudo apt-get install ndiswrapper-utils-1.9

2) Install the drivers for the card. For the purpose of this tutorial we're going to use the Win98 version, as they seem to work quite well. You can choose a different version if you wish to.

ndiswrapper -i Win98/mrv8k51.inf

3) Theoretically, you now have the driver installed, let's just make sure by running the following. ndiswrapper -l After running that, it should list the driver you just installed.

4) Now we need to integrate ndiswrapper with modprobe. So first we need to make an entry for ndiswrapper in modprobe. sudo ndiswrapper -m Now that we have the entry, we need to run another command to have modprobe write the settings. Before we do this though, we must get rid of a faulty Ubuntu driver for this card. Run the following in sequential order, and you will should have it successfully integrated.

sudo rm /lib/modules/2.6.15-26-386/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/mrv8k/mrv8k.ko
sudo modprobe ndiswrapper

5) Before we restart Ubuntu to see if this works, we need to add ndiswrapper into /etc/modules so it loads on startup. gedit /etc/modules Add 'ndiswrapper' on a new line at the bottom without the quotes

6) Restart Ubuntu, then go to System > Administration > Networking and wlan0 should be listed in there. Your card is now configured correctly.

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