Getting WUA-1340 Working Without Using Ndiswrapper

(Feel free to include ndiswrapper methods here, but I was only able to get this method to work. I'm new to Ubuntu after a recent switch from Windows)

I'd been searching the past day and a half, and just about the time I was about to give up (after fiddling for hours with ndiswrapper), I found WICD!

WICD (pronounced 'Wicked') is a network manager, and it takes the place of the "Network-manager" package that comes with ubuntu.

edit: I'm a noob like you, so don't expect me to know what's up if you run into problems with the way that I did this... (but I would like to know if you did)

edit: I'm not sure if uninstalling network manager will disconnect your ubuntu system if you are currently accessing the internet from it (through wired connection, and trying to get wireless to work). So you might want to make sure you have the necessary file (the WICD .deb) downloaded before uninstalling network manager.

I simply:

1. Uninstalled the Network-manager package (using System>Administration>synaptic package manager)

2. Installed the WICD package (I got the .deb file from sourceforge: , and copied to my ubuntu system for install)

3. Ran the WICD program gui (Applications > Internet > Wicd), on startup it listed my wireless network

4. I clicked 'connect' and POOF! wireless internet!

I'm talking to you about 5 minutes after i got it working (I'm spreading the word.)

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