This page is my experience with the DWA-552, aka D-Link Xtreme N Desktop Adapter

Intrepid Ibex (8.10)

Works... But Causes 64bit and 32bit to experience freezing up completely. Use ndiswrapper method below to fix in 32bit, the fix for 64bit is unknown.

Hardy Heron (8.04)


Phail. I tried this guide for madwifi: It doesn't work.


Ndiswrapper seems to work (albeit, not very well. See Intrepid). Get the drivers here:

For reference, I'll post the directions I have on using ndiswrapper:

First check to make sure ACX is not installed

 lsmod | grep ACX 

  • If you get output, then you will have to find a different guide for help. This guide assumes you get no output.

Install the drivers

 sudo ndiswrapper -i /location_of_your_wireless_driver/netathw.inf 

Make sure to choose the driver without the x. The x is for windows 98. I suspect that the drivers for windows 2000/XP are better.

 sudo ndiswrapper -l 

 sudo modprobe ndiswrapper 

Set ndiswrapper to load on startup

 sudo ndiswrapper -m 

 gksudo gedit /etc/modules 

Add the following module to the list


Now you can configure your wireless card with ip and iwconfig.

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