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1. Introduction

The Edimax EW7318Ug uses a ralink rt73 chipset. The driver is available from manufacturer site or via Trying to use serialmonkey driver included in ubuntu 7.04 kernel in some cases may freeze the system. So i suggest to use the latest driver from ralink site. The problem is that in ubuntu if there is the driver in /lib/modules, when you attach the usb device, the system tryes to use the serialmonkey driver present in the directories /lib/modules/{your kernel version}/kernel/ubuntu/wireless/rt2*. To disable this driver i deleted this directory and updated the driver list, with depmod -a.

2. Installation

2.1. Disable kernel module

2.1.1. Module compiled as module

delete the .ko modules and run depmod -a

2.1.2. Module compiled into the kernel

use install rt2x00 /bin/true directive in one of the modprobe config files

2.1.3. Module not compiled

do nothing.

2.2. Download the latest driver


2.3. Enter Module directory and compile


2.4. Copyng module in lib/modules and depmoding it


2.5. Configuration files


2.6. Configure rt73sta.dat


2.7. Configure interface rausb0 in /etc/network/interfaces

Configure the interface rausb0 (or rausb#) as a normal ethernet device (the wireless parameter are in /etc/wireless/.../rt73sta.dat), for example add the following line to /etc/network/interfaces if you want to use dhcp:

auto rausb0
iface rausb0 inet dhcp

2.8. Restart the driver and the network

/etc/init.d/networking stop
rmmod rt73
modprobe rt73
/etc/init.d/networking start

Remember that if the interface is up the rmmod rt73, say that the module is in use, so you must stop networking or ip link set rausb0 down.

2.9. Automatic loading at startup



at the end of /etc/modules

3. Notes

This configuration uses the file rt73sta.dat to configure all the wireless parameters (encryption type, password, ...) at the startup of the driver and create a network interface similar to an ethernet device, so there is no need of wpa_supplicant. If you want to use wpa_supplicant, you must compile the code present in the package in the directory Wpa_Supplicant-X.X.X.

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