Before you Begin

  • This requires Ndiswrapper
  • This only works for a 32-bit system. If you successfully install this on a 64-bit system, please edit this article
  • The "Quick Install" requires an internet connection.

Quick Install (Requires Internet Connection)

mkdir ~/wusb54gsdrivers
cd ~/wusb54gsdrivers
unzip f5d7051.exe
sudo ndiswrapper -i BCMRNDIS.INF
sudo cp USB8023K.sys /etc/ndiswrapper/bcmrndis/usb8023k.sys
sudo cp RNDISMPK.SYS /etc/ndiswrapper/bcmrndis/rndismpk.sys
sudo depmod -a
sudo modprobe ndiswrapper
sudo ndiswrapper -m

Next, do the following command:

Version 1:

sudo ndiswrapper -d 13b1:000e bcmrndis

Version 2 Adapter:

sudo ndiswrapper -d 13b1:0014 bcmrndis

Now type:

sudo gedit /etc/modules

If you do not see ndiswrapper at the end of the file, add it to the end.

Now restart, and you should be good to go.


If you need to install ndiswrapper, visit the Ndiswrapper Guide

User results

I used this technique on my Ubuntu 8.04 32 bit with a V.2 adapter & it worked perfectly, Thanks!

I also followed this procedure on Kubuntu 8.10 64-bit with a v.1 adapter and it worked! The only thing is that the signal strength is pretty weak compared to the same card on Windows.

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