Step 1

Make sure the USB adapter is not plugged in.

Step 2

Put the Ubuntu install CD into the CD drive and start the synaptic package manager (System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Installer).

Step 3

Install ndisgtk package. (If you did not install Ubuntu from a cd, then transfer the .deb files from (dependencies as well) and install.)

Step 4

Go to System -> Administration -> Windows Wireless Drivers.

Step 5

Put in the WG111T Windows Install CD. Hit the Install Driver button in the Windows Wireless Drivers box. Browse to the CD, then into the ndis5 folder and select the netwg111t.inf file. (Not

Note: If you no longer have the CD then you can get the drivers from the netgear website.

Step 6

Plug back in USB Drive. The Network Manager should do the rest.

WEP and WPA encryption should work out of the box.

Step 7

Upon restart, the adapter will stop working. To fix this, open a terminal and type in the following:

sudo gedit /etc/modules

In the gedit window add a line that says


The drivers are now installed!


For an additional set of instructions for this task, see:

Note: we had a glitch in our HP computer where complete shut down was required, ndiswrapper was throwing an error and only reset on shut down.

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