For users using Ubuntu 8.04 and a ipn2220 based wireless card wishing to use the networkmanager.

Overview Of The Setup Process

Step 1: Collecting and downloading required software.

Step 2: Setting up software to run on your system

Step 3: Configuring ndiswrapper

Step 4: Restarting the system

Step 5: Setting up your network with Network-Manager


If you are using a hidden network, network manager will not be able to store your information. This means when you restart you computer you will have to re-input your network details.

Whats Required

The following software is required for using your wireless card.

  • build-essential


    windows driver file This includes the neti2220.inf and 12220ntx.sys files


Step 1: Installing Build-essentials

What you need to do is install the build-essential package. This will be used to compile ndiswrapper.

Open up a terminal Applications>accessories>terminal

sudo apt-get install build-essential

And then press 'y'.

Getting Ndiswrapper and installing

Go to the Ndiswrapper homepage and download the latest version at

Extract the Ndiswrapper package to your desktop.

Open up a terminal Applications>accessories>terminal and input the following command:

cd Desktop


cd ndiswrapper-1.53

Note, you might need to change the version number

Now we need to make sure there is no other version installed, so in the same terminal type

sudo make uninstall

Now you can type in

sudo make

And then you can

sudo make install

and finally

sudo ndiswrapper -m
sudo modprobe ndiswrapper

You have just compiled and installed ndiswrapper on your Ubuntu

Setting up Ndiswrapper

Open up a terminal Applications>accessories>terminal and change directory to where your neti2220.inf file is located (if it is placed on the desktop do the following)

cd Desktop

Now run

sudo ndiswrapper -i neti2220.inf

Now restart your computer

Setting Up A Network With Network-Manager

When you log into Ubuntu you will see the network-manager icon in the upper left corner (if you have the default setup) Left click on the icon and you will see the available wireless networks.

If you have a hidden network then click Connect to Other Wireless Network... and fill in the details as required.


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