Install wpn111 in Ubuntu 12.04 Using GUI only

Pre Condition.

A. you must have unzip wpn111 drivers on to Desktop or what ever you like.

B. Fresh Install Ubuntu 12.04


with out Internet Connection you have to use BELOW INSTRUCTIONS ==> Install wpn111 in Ubuntu 12.04 Using command lines <==

1. At software serch box (Ubuntu Software Center) key in "ndis" (without quote " ")

2. You will see Windows Wireless Drivers (ndiswrapper) come up.

3. Click on Use software source button. Software Center will enable source repositories.

4. Click on More Button. You will see 2 AddOn options.

5. You MUST check both ADD ON ..Source for the ndiswrapper

(fail to do this No.5 will result in unsuccessful installation of wpn111.)

6. Click Install. ==> soon Ndiswrapper icon will be created on Unity Launcher.

7. Click on Ndiswrapper Icon on the Unity Launcher.

(if no Ndiswrapper icon, then you have to click on "Dash Home" => the left top corner with Ubuntu icon => and type ndis to see ndiswrapper icon)

8. Key in your password when pop up menu came up.

9. Click Install New Driver.

10. In the Location box click on the folder icon to browse for wpn111 windows driver files, netwpn11,inf

11. Click Install.

12 At the end of installation, ReBoot your computer.

13 Once login, insert the usb wpn111 within 20 seconds the blue LED will start blinking.

14 start configur the wireless security.

Install wpn111 in Ubuntu 12.04 Using command lines


Con ==> each time you update Linux Kernal, you have to redo this installation again.

Two files required

you must have these files in Disc or USB or

download file to your mobile phone (?bluetooth? or wired usb to your computer).

1. wpn111 drivers=>

2. lastest 1.58rc1 or the stable 1.57 ndiswrapper=>

Pre conditions

1. "Fresh installed" Ubuntu 12.04

2. Use Desktop as working folder.

3. Windows wpn111 drivers, all 3 files, are kept in "/Desktop/win-drivers"

4. Download ndiswrapper-1.58rc1.tar.gz (199.5 kB) to "/Desktop"

5. Access Point security is WEP128bit

  • (I have not tried others security set up, wpn111 used to have issues in using WPA in the old days with old Ubuntu versions.)

This instruction sets are modified from Install manual in the download file- ndiswrapper-1.58rc1.tar.gz

Start your Terminal

1. cd Desktop

2. tar zxvf ndiswrapper-1.58rc1.tar.gz

3. cd ndiswrapper-1.58rc1

4. make unistall

5. make

6. sudo make install

7. cd ..

8. cd win-drivers

9. ndiswrapper -i netwpn11.inf

====> plug in the wpn111 now.

10. modprobe ndiswrapper

  • Wait 5-15 seconds the blue LED should start blinking.

=====> If it is not blinking after 20+seconds,

  • REBOOT your computer and when it is login, plug in your wpn111, and try No. 10 again.

11. start config the wireless lan,

by clicking on wireless applet

top right hand side next to speaker icon, and connect.

key in password.

tutorial for wpn111 and Older version of Ubuntu 8.04, 9.04, 10.04 please see

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