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1. Driver Information

  • Driver Name: Atmel at76c50x
  • Module Name: atmel

2. Support Channels

2.1. WEP info

  • Enter anything related to getting wep to work

2.2. WPA info

  • Enter anything related to getting WPA to work

3. Ubuntu Release Specific Info

  • Under the correct section enter anything that is specifc to the release only. See above general section if it is not release specific

3.1. Hoary 5.04

3.2. Breezy 5.10

3.3. Dapper 6.04

4. Compile Newer Driver

  • Section on compiling newer/latest driver

4.1. Specific Release Notes

  • Instructions should be generic and add any notes that are release specific in this section. Then create an anchor link where needed in instructions. Anchor example

      [[Anchor(name)]] - This would be the anchor you are linking to
      [#name {any words describing go here}] this is how you would enter the link in the instructions to link to the anchor

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