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NetworkManager with the madwifi drivers on Dapper Drake and Gutsy Gibbon

When using the default madwifi drivers shipped with Ubuntu Dapper Drake Beta using NetworkManager with WPA does not work (at least for me). Therefore I have created a little HOWTO which requires building new madwifi drivers and installing two debian packages. You can find the original version of the HOWTO here: Original HOWTO

If you are using Gutsy Gibbon a new release of Madwifi can be found at Madwifi.org then follow the insructions here First Time How To


First download the following files: madwifi-ng-r1531-20060427.tar.bz2 dhcdbd_1.10-0ubuntu12_i386.deb wpasupplicant-madwifi-hack.deb

The deb packages are just quick hacks to make everything work. I expect that madwifi + nm + WPA will be available in Dapper as soon as it is released.

Unpack the madwifi source:

tar xjf madwifi-ng-r1531-20060427.tar.bz2

Compile and install the drivers:

cd madwifi-ng-r1531-20060427
sudo make install

It will prompt you to remove the old drivers from the ubuntu packages. You should answer "r". Make sure that the script installed the files to the right directory (should be something like /lib/modules/2.6.15-22-386, depending on the output of "uname -r"). Also make sure that there is only one version of ath_pci.ko ("find /lib/modules/2.6.15-22-386 -iname ath_pci*", or similar should tell you that).

Then install the provided debs:

sudo dpkg -i dhcdbd_1.10-0ubuntu12_i386.deb
sudo dpkg -i wpasupplicant-madwifi-hack.deb

Uninstall the old supplicant

sudo apt-get remove wpasupplicant

Install network-manager and network-manager-gnome if you haven't already:

sudo apt-get install network-manager network-manager-gnome

Reboot once (or replug your network card and reload the drivers) and you should be up and running networkmanager (start nm-applet if the tray icon is missing)


Add your problems here, and I will try to resolve them.

Some more information on the subject:



Have fun!

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