The use of screenshots in documentation is encouraged. However, we ask that you follow a few basic guidelines when introducing screenshots:

  • Do not try to use very big images - these crowd the page and confuse the user.
  • Attempt to integrate the screenshots into the formatting of the page.
  • Use the default Ubuntu Ambiance theme for screenshots.

See for example the following pages which contain examples of good use of screenshots: Photos/CorrectColor, Photos/RetouchPhotos

Some information about how to take screenshots can be found at although this page may be out of date.

To upload an image:

  1. Open the wiki page in your browser
  2. Click the 'Attachments' link in the edit bar.
  3. Under File to upload, press Browse and select the photo you want to upload

  4. Give it a name under Save as and then press Upload

  5. To display the file on the wiki page, type {{attachment:filename.png}} where you want the image to appear.

For greater details on uploading and managing screenshots using the wiki software, see HelpOnActions/AttachFile.

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