Our aim is to make documentation which a new user can easily understand and follow. With this in mind, please take into account the following suggested guidelines:

  • Common guidelines - some guidelines which are very common:

    • Ubuntu releases - always try to specify which versions of Ubuntu a page is valid for. When referring to Ubuntu releases, use "Ubuntu X.XX (Nickname)" or just "Ubuntu X.XX" - eg. "Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger)" or "Ubuntu 5.10", rather than just "Breezy" or "Ubuntu Breezy".

    • Repositories - capitalize the names of the Universe & Multiverse repositories when you use them. Also, Linux, Ubuntu, Windows, etc should be capitalized.

    • Installing software - when documenting how to install software, try to avoid recommending a particular package manager (such as apt-get) - instead, simply use the phrase "Install package X from the Y repository". If appropriate, include a link to the page which documents the various package managers, InstallingSoftware.

    • Which software - in general, recommend software from the Main repository over equivalent software in the Universe repository, as the former have guaranteed security updates.

    • Integrate, don't duplicate! - do a comprehensive search of the help wiki before adding material. If a page already exists on a particular subject, don't add a second one with similar material. Integrate the material with the existing page, to improve it. So, new information should be added to the existing page in the appropriate place.

  • Styleguide - the Documentation Team has published some specific guidelines for documentation, the Documentation Team Styleguide.

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