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This article covers the installation of drivers and utilities for the Brother MFC-7340 printer and scanner functions. All or most of the steps below are covered in various places on the website.

For Ubuntu 12.04 Precise a script has been attached to automate these installation steps.

Download Driver Packages

Browser Download

Printer Drivers – Download the deb format LPR and cupswrapper drivers.

Scanner Drivers – Download the deb format brscan3 and scan-key-tool driver packages for your system architecture.

CLI Download

For 64-bit systems

   1 wget

===For 32-bit Systems ===

   1 wget


Setup apparmour:

   1 sudo aa-complain cupsd

Create required directories:

   1 mkdir -p /var/spool/lpd
   2 mkdir -p /usr/share/cups/model
   3 mkdir -p /usr/lib/sane


   1  #!/bin/bash          
   2             STR="Hello World!"
   3             echo $STR   

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