This article aims to show you how to run your Windows-only games on Ubuntu. Out of the box, Linux is at a disadvantage because in general it is meant to be a robust system for the average user and does not pander to the gamers of the world. There are however ways of tailoring Linux to be a gaming machine. In general, getting the video system faster is the main thing. Some mods work better for some games, but not for others. some are even mutually exclusive, and you get to make a multi boot box so that you can be in the best environment for a particular game. Exactly how much effort you put into this project depends on how much of a gamer you are. consider it part of the game Smile :)


A common concern for of people thinking of switching to Ubuntu is the thought of having to leave behind all the Windows games they love. However it is possible to play many of these games under Ubuntu using a compatibility layer.

A compatibility layer acts much like an emulator providing an enviroment for Windows based programs to run, translating system calls and such. Generally you have two solutions; Wine and Cedega.

  • Wine is completely free and in the Ubuntu Repositories.

  • Cedega is a fork of Wine originally known as 'WineX' as it aimed to support DirectX to enable better support for Windows games. It is a proprietary product and requires a small monthly subscription (currently $5.00). However it is much more user-friendly and specificly designed with gaming in mind.

Windows games in action


Game howtos

Below is a list of links to that will explain how to run some of the more popular Windows games on Linux:

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