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#title F-Prot Antivirus

F-Prot for Linux is a free command line antivirus scanner. A couple of frontends have been written to go with it, providing more user-friendly GUIs (e.g. QtFProt and XFprot). F-Prot and QtFprot can be downloaded using Synaptic/Adept. XFProt can be downloaded from the developer's web site.

The Problem

We compile XFProt

 tar -zxvf xfprot-xx.tar.gz     (xx being the file version we downloaded) 
sudo ./configure 
sudo make 
sudo make install (or checkinstall) 

and then try to launch the program by typing


in the command line, at which point we get the following error message:

 xfprot: starting...
xfprot: process is not dumpable
xfprot: private dir found
xfprot: good...private dir is not a link
xfprot: set_dir_properties_and_cd_in()
xfprot: setting permissions of private dir to 0700
xfprot: setting owner of private dir
xfprot: chdir to private dir
xfprot: check_for_bin()
xfprot: access(): /usr/local/f-prot/f-prot: No such file or directory
xfprot: dialog_window() 


File not found!

The Reason

Ubuntu installs F-Prot for Linux by default in /usr/lib/f-prot/ but XFProt looks for it in /usr/local/f-prot

The Solution

Create a symbolic link:

 sudo ln -s /usr/lib/f-prot/ /usr/local 

and try again

 sudo  xfprot 

(NB Run it as superuser if you want the scan engine to have access to restricted folders during the analysis)

Hope it works for you!

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