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XSane Image Scanner

XSane is an application that allows you to control a scanner and acquire images from it.

With XSane, you can easily photocopy documents and save, fax or e-mail your scanned images. It can even save your scans as multi-page documents, instead of separate, one-page files.

XSane can also be used from within The GIMP; just click

File > Acquire > XSane

to scan directly into an image.

Menu: Applications > Graphics > XSane Image Scanner



  • Part of the default Ubuntu installation

Hints and Tips

Copy to PDF from XSane

When scanning text to send it via E-Mail or so, it comes in handy to have XSane convert the scan to PDF automatically with its copy mode.

For this to work you first have to install Cups-PDF as described here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PDFPrinting

After you have Cups-PDF working, go to the XSane configuration with Alt+s or via preferences->setup (hope the words are right, as I use German as Desktop language - so I got these from the XSane documentation). Here you can choose the copy-tab and setup a new copy-printer. Choose a good name like "PDF-printer" and then comes the tricky part: change the command from lpr to lpr -P yourprinternameforcups-pdf where you exchange yourprinternameforcups-pdf for the name you actually gave to the Cups-PDF printer during its setup. Then choose the resolutions you want to use for lineart, greyscale and color and save the configuration.

One important issue: In Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn), together with its cups-pdf 2.4.2-1, I got empty PDFs when "Create zlib compressed postscript image for printing" was activated as print option. Disabling this option got everything working.

Other applications you may wish to look at


This metapackage contains pdfjoin, a program to make one new PDF out of several other ones.

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