zsnes is a GPL Super Nintendo emulator.


zsnes is very easy to install since it is available in Synaptic from the multiverse.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install zsnes

However, zsnes conflicts with the Enlightened_Sound_Daemon (esd). We can fix this by killing esd before running zsnes and restarting it. We can create a script to do this. For the sake of demonstration, we will use a folder called ~/scripts, but you might put it in the same folder that zsnes was installed to.

Copy and paste the following into gedit. Save it as ~/scripts/zsnes.sh.

# Runs zsnes.
# Since zsnes doesn't like having esd run at the same time, we have to run
#  kill esd. But we want it back up and running again so that we can play
#  music and stuff.

killall esd
esd -nobeeps &


Start the game


In a terminal, set the permissions to allow users to run the script.  $ chmod 755 ~/scripts/zsnes.sh 

Now you can run the script by double clicking on it. Alternatively, you can set it up as a menu item using smeg.


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