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Campcaster is an open-source broadcast radio automation package developed by Campware with funding from the Media Development Loan Fund. Campcaster has in the past been packaged for ubuntu, and unfortunately due to budget restrictions cannot be included into the official Ubuntu repositories. However Campcaster is still available in it's develpment form via subversion...

The Campcaster development team maintains a subversion repository as well as a trac instance. Planning to move over to Launchpad soon..

Instructions on how to install Campcaster in Ubuntu can be found here... Unfortunately there is no stable debian package at this time. Yet the development version has been tested on both Hardy and Jaunty to be stable for scheduling broadcasts ( some functionality is limited ) We need developers to keep the Campcaster project alive.

Campcaster Features

Web Interface for scheduling programming ( really nice interface, easy to use )

Archive Management

Live Mode for playing out files in a Live Broadcast Setting

Multi-User Interface

Things of Note

Openbroadcast.ch is using Campcaster to provide a Radio Broadcast Scheduling system to create the first user-generated radio station in Switzerland, along with their own interface, they provide a completely new concept in radio.






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