digiKam is a KDE based photo manager to import and organize photo collections

digiKam can import photos directly from digital cameras, organize and search photos using tags and dates and view, slide shows. The Image editor allows for photo editing such as removing red eye etc. Additional features include batch processes to rename, resize, change formats as well as creating Photo CDs, creating web pages. DigiKam should be installed by default for Kubuntu users.


To install this software, install the following package: digikam.

Running digiKam

Start digiKam using K-Menu -> Graphics -> digiKam Photo Management

or type digiKam at the Konsole/Terminal

main.digikam.png camera.digikam.png


  • Under Setting -> configuration you can specify the album path.

  • Under Setting -> Camera click autodetect. In the case of Kubuntu/Ubuntu most USB cameras are autodetected. EXIF information is also loaded and preserved on resizing etc.


  • Choose File-> Export to create photo CDs, html gallery to publish on your personal website to share photos.

  • Right click on Images to assign tags, view EXIF information that the digital camera stores such as mode, shutter speed, aperture, flash setting etc.
  • Viewing EXIF information


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