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Redmine is a nice project and tracking tool. I use it all the time with ebox.

Set up ldap with redmine

In redmine go to administration -> ldap auth. Make a new ldap connection and enter the following

  • name = ebox
  • host = ip to you ebox
  • Port = 389
  • Account = Blank
  • Password = Blank
  • Base DN = ou=Users,dc=elino,dc=se ( change dc=elino,dc=se with your ldap base )
  • On the fly creation = yes
  • Login = uid
  • Firstname = givenName
  • Lastname = sn
  • Email = uid ( if you are using mail in you ebox you can change this to "email"

So that should do the config. As soon as a user logs in to redmine with their ldap config, a new redmine user will be created. And after that you can give the user access to projects.


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