Zimbra and ebox is a really nice setup. I use the ebox to authenticate the zimbra users, thus letting my users login to every system with the same username and password (single sign on (SSO)).

But there is a problem, zimbra will not auto create users from ebox. So to get zimbra and ebox work together you have to set up users on both ebox and zimbra.

EBOX users

First set up and add the user in the ebox system. The username in this example is "matte", it is very important that you remember the username.

Zimbra LDAP auth

In zimbra you can choose a domain like "example.com" and make it use external ldap auth in the zimbra admin interface.

Choose you domain and click configuration auth
  • Choose to use external ldap (press next)
  • ldap:// : enter the ip to your ldap server (
  • LDAP=filter : (uid=%u)
  • LDAP=base : dc=ebox (here you have to put in your own ldap base)
  • Press next

Here i think you can go on without entering the ldap admin account, but if you have to, enter the details you got from the ebox_set page.

  • binddomain : cn=admin,dc=ebox ( this have to be changed to match you ldap)
  • Password : You ldap password see ebox_setup for how to get the ldap password.
  • Press next

So now you should be able to test you ldap setting by testing to verify an ldap user in zimbra. If the test works we can move on to set up zimbra users. If it fails, go to ebox_setup and verify that you settings are good.

Zimbra Users

So now it's time to set up the zimbra users. NOW it's important that the username is the same as the username in the ebox.

So if you have chosen the domain "domain.com" for using the ebox ldap. Your zimbra account MUST be "matte@domain.com" for using the ebox user "matte".

But now you can add users in zimbra that have a username in ebox as well. Your zimbra users should now be able to login to zimbra with their ebox username and password.


I have somtimes seen that if you set a password in zimbra before you have bound the domain to ebox. The user can login with both passwords. And when you change the password in ebox, the user can still login with the zimbra and ebox password.


Here is a Swedish howto with pictures. http://ubuntu-se.org/wiki/Ebox-zimbra

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