This program allows you to edit Moin pages with your preferred editor. It means you can easily edit your pages, without the usual limitations of most web browsers' text areas.

editmoin is available under the GPL.

Installation Instructions

Look for the package named editmoin in the Synaptic Package Manager and install it.

Alternatively open a terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install editmoin

Editing Ubuntu Wiki Pages With editmoin

Anonymous editing of Ubuntu wiki pages is not permitted. To authenticate, one must add a line containing the url of the wiki in question and one's ID, which in this case is the MOIN_SESSION cookie, to the file .moin_ids in one's home directory. For example: 28ebede4988kki0t0xhhlueljdq42tho

Further Reading

See the homepage at And bug tracking and code hosting is available in Launchpad.

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