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This software is old and its capability should be available with PulseAudio.

What is JustePort?

It's pretty basic, you can stream single mp3 files over your wireless or all the files in a given folder to your Airport Express base station (pretty basic AirTunes functionality).

How to install Justeport

  1. To install Justeport you need to install mono and mono-gmcs with your favorite package manager.

  2. Next you need to download JustePort.exe from JustePort.

  3. After downloading Justeport.exe you ned to copy Justeport.exe to /usr/bin by putting this in the terminal.
    • sudo cp JustePort.exe /usr/bin/
  4. Now you need to install lame (a free mp3 codec) from the Multiverse Repository if you don't already have it installed.

Streaming a single file

To steam a single file you need to enter this command in the terminal.

lame --decode file.mp3 - | JustePort.exe -

You will need to change the filename and IP address to match the mp3 file you are trying to play and the IP address of your Airport Express.

Streaming all mp3 in a certain folder

To stream all your mp3's in a certain folder you need to open up a terminal navigate to the folder containing the mp3s, then enter this command

cat *.mp3 | lame --mp3input --decode - | JustePort.exe -
  • Note: you can simplify it a little bit by making an alias (for example, "playall"). Again, in a terminal type:

    alias playall="cat *.mp3 | lame --mp3input --decode - | JustePort.exe -"

Now, to play all the mp3s in your current folder you just have to type playall.

How to stream other audio formats

You can stream any audio format if you have the right tool. To stream ogg you'd put this in terminal

oggdec -Q -R -o - file.ogg | JustePort.exe -


All the credits go to Jon Lech Johansen, aka DVD Jon, who released JustePort, a tool which lets you stream MPEG4 Apple Lossless files and RAW audio files to your AirPort Express. More info in his blog: justeport. This is the only open source tool I've found to stream audio via wi-fi to the Airport Extreme base station.

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