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#title iPod Video in Ubuntu

The new 5th generation iPods, or iPod Videos, are fully supported under Ubuntu, but it takes a bit of tweaking. This wiki page is designed to help you fully utilize your iPod Video in Ubuntu. All of these things have been tested under Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger) "only". If you have success on Warty, Hoary, or Dapper, post it here.

To utilize your iPod Video, you first have to make videos for your iPod, and then transfer them to it. There are two guides explaining exactly how to do these steps:

Encoding Videos for the iPod Video

Transferring Videos to the iPod Video

Additionally, you can automatically install encoding and transferring support for your iPod Video, as well as a GUI program for Gnome that automatically rips and encodes DVDs, or just simply encodes a video on your computer to iPod Video format. The program is called iPod Video Encoder and can be found here.


Original Sources:

Much thanks to:

  • Iandefor for countless suggestions, bugfixes, and corrections.

  • Dromio for corrections.

  • quietglow for corrections and the .deb support for mpeg4ip

  • pestilence4hr for corrections regarding the building of ffmpeg

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