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Once LXTerminal is launched, click on Edit and select Preferences
It will look something like this: Preferences window default

In this instance we will change the font color to a shade of yellow. Click on the Foreground area and it will bring up a screen to select your color.

Foreground colorpicker

Click on OK to get

Preferences window foreground color in yellow

Click on OK to see the changes applied

LXTerminal with yellow text

The same can be done for background color, but with the addition of a transparency setting.
Just be aware of the default colors that LXTerminal uses for highlighting the differences in file types and directory structures.

Preview of default highlighting in LXTerminal

Changing Text colors

LXTerminal does not allow for changing the color palette of text.

For example, if you need to change the colors in Vim
Either change the background color to white, do the following steps: Download the desert256 vim color theme from vim.org/scripts place the theme file in ~/.vim/colors (create the directory) After you have downloaded the desert256 file to ~/.vim/colors/desert256.vim

add this into ~/.vimrc:

if &term!="xterm"
   set t_Co=256            " use 256 colors in vim
   colorscheme desert256   " an appropriate color scheme

thanks credativ for the tip!


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