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Cloning an iso file to a mass storage device makes a boot drive, provided it is a hybrid iso file, post-processed with isohybrid.

Installing isohybrid

If the program isohybrid is not found, you can install it with the following program packages

  • in 14.04 'Trusty' the package containing isohybrid is syslinux

  • in 15.04 'Vivid' and newer versions, isohybrid is in the package syslinux-utils

sudo apt-get install syslinux
# or
sudo apt-get install syslinux-utils

Using isohybrid


# run this command only to keep original iso file
cp -p filename.iso filename-hybrid.iso

# the actual command
isohybrid filename-hybrid.iso

See the manual file for more details,

man isohybrid


Wait, don't do this automatically and at once! Isohybrid should be run only once, and many iso files are already treated before uploading to the internet. The Ubuntu iso files are already treated with isohybrid. Use isohybrid only, if the USB drive does not boot after cloning or installing live-only using mkusb.

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