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Usage and version - get started

usage-n-version shows text mode outputs, that help you get mkusb started.


Some screenshots of mkusb 8

Work flow

The following text screen dumps help illustrate the work flow with a sequence of menus





Toggle USB only

toggle-usb-only allows you to switch between showing

  • only USB drives and
  • all drives including internal drives.

Sometimes the target drive is an internal drive or an eSATA drive


Wipe the first megabyte


Installing mkusb in Ubuntu 14.04.1

This dialogue in a terminal window


will install mkusb and pv if you have previously installed Synaptic or some other program in order to install the repository (alias source) Universe or connected to it via the following terminal window command line (another command in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS)

sudo add-apt-repository universe

Using mkusb-nox

The following dialogue in a terminal window will run mkusb-nox, start by installing pv and then install two iso files into a pendrive (one after another, at the end 'ISO-testing' re-cloning with the daily build.

Running in Arch linux illustrates that mkusb-nox works in many different linux distros.


Console output of mkusb 10 - live with persistence

This text screen dump was made with mkusb version 10.0.1 during installation of Lubuntu live with persistence.


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