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mkusb version 11

This version of the mkusb tool, version 11, is still only a bash script.

The menus and dialogue windows are purely graphical using zenity. ../artwork/mkusb24.png

FOSS with separate package for compiled code

mkusb has been re-structured to be completely FOSS, Free and open-source software. The file usb-pack_efi.tar.gz is provided via a separate package for people who want it, while other people can get a lean version without any compiled code. This is done to prepare for getting mkusb into an official repository.

Improvements and new features

New: mkusb version 11 is divided in mkusb (FOSS) and usb-pack-efi (with compiled code)

  • mkusb 11.0.1, (mkusb-nox ( remains the same), usb-pack-efi is a new package
    • mkusb is prepared to be FOSS without 'usb-pack_efi.tar.gz' with optional use of this package to create persistent live drives that work in UEFI and BIOS mode with 64-bit and 32-bit iso files
    • the new package usb-pack-efi is available from ppa:mkusb/unstable during a testing period. Then it will be available from ppa:mkusb/ppa

    • the function get_usb_pack_efi is created (in mkusb)

    • the program logic of mkusb is modified to work as well as possible both with and without usb-pack_efi.tar.gz

    • the output (to zenity dialogue windows and to the log) is modified to help managing the new structure
  • mkusb 11.0.2, (mkusb-nox ( remains the same)
    • 'Download and install automatically' ---> 'Display immediately'

      • Automatic upgrades can cause severe problems in persistent live systems, and this feature helps the end user avoid those problems. The security upgrade action can be modified (the default action of the persistent live system when security upgrades are available). It works for Ubuntu family operating systems and some 're-spins'. The default setting for security upgrades is changed
        • from 'Display immediately' in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
        • to 'Download and install automatically' in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and newer versions
      • the function chk4ubuntu_upgrades is created, and provides a user interface to select or skip this action.
      • the changes are implemented by writing two files to the casper-rw partition
        • upper/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/10periodic
        • upper/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/20auto-upgrades
  • mkusb 11.0.3, and from now mkusb-nox 11.0.3 'alias', dropping the mkusb-nox series
    • fix to manage 'flash cards' seen as /dev/mmcblk0, /dev/mmcblk1, ... by built-in card readers in laptops.
    • flash cards are displayed among USB drives (while [s]ata drives are considered more important to protect from overwriting by mistake - you must toggle 'usb-only' to see also the ata drives.
  • mkusb 11.0.4 (and mkusb-nox 11.0.4, which is not changed except the version number)
    • function select_source_as_user (replaces select_source and general_file_select)
      • runs 'as user' not 'as root', so that the window has the correct home and desktop directories.
      • mmcblk? added to filter, so that a flash card can be used as the source to be cloned.
  • mkusb-nox 11.0.5 (and mkusb 11.0.5, which is not changed except the version number)
    • minor fix to remove an error output from lsblk, when no mmcblk? device is found.
  • mkusb 11.0.6 (and mkusb-nox 11.0.6, which is not changed except the version number)
    • function param_specific: check for $(whoami) instead of $USER. This is necessary for the test to work in Fedora 24. This test checks that the elevated privileges is used without overwriting the regular user's configuration files (sudo -H), and the way it works was changed in Fedora 24. This new check works in the current Ubuntu versions, and let us hope, in other current linux distros too.
  • mkusb 11.0.7 and mkusb-nox 11.0.7, fixes for openSUSE 42.1
    • function list_drives: disk/by-id/ 'scsi' accepted because 'usb' not used. This is fixed also in mkusb-nox.
    • function select_source_as_user: select file as root because regular user fails (in openSUSE 42.1)
  • mkusb-nox 11.0.8 (and mkusb 11.0.8, which is not changed except the version number)
    • bugfix in the mechanism in select_source_as_user: default isdisplay=0 (alias default 'OK')
  • version 11.1.1: manuals 'man mkusb' and 'man mkusb-nox' updated
  • mkusb and mkusb-nox 11.1.2
    • mkusb-nox: added feature: make USB install drive for Windows

    • mkusb and mkusb-nox: several bugfixes for Debian, made things work in 'Jessie', 'Stretch' and 'Sid'
      • made the text strings refer to Debian like Ubuntu (no longer main focus on Ubuntu)
      • mkusb 'needs' rsync (not default in debian sid)
      • persist_check_body_bg: separate background colour of the final checkpoint when persistent live
      • fix for new format of the colour specification
      • fix for text mode browser (run in xterm)
    • prepared updated versions of the manuals
  • mkusb and mkusb-nox 11.1.3
    • made mkusb-nox independent [of other files]: echo commands instead of grub-win-install.cfg
  • mkusb and mkusb-nox 11.1.4
    • mkusb: bugfix in chk4uefi: check of version numbers
  • mkusb and mkusb-nox 11.1.5
    • mkusb-nox: curlang="$LANG" added to manage locales
    • mkusb: toram: menuentry with toram added (RAM drive to be used when enough RAM)

      • into grub.cfg for usb-pack-efi
      • function menu_entry_1_ edited to create it from grub.cfg of the iso file (for persistent live)
  • mkusb 11.1.6
    • mkusb: minor bug-fix (zenity window size)
    • mkusb-common: separate package with help files

    • dus: New interface and structure replacing mkusb and mkusb-nox; dus should be easier to use and to maintain. It is still only experimental (version 0.0.0).

  • mkusb 11.1.7
    • fixed bug for 100% persistence: using 'ntfssize' in mkusb (and dus-persistent 0.0.1)
    • more colours in the console: (alongside green, red and inversevideo) now also blue for programs that dus 'wants'
  • mkusb 11.1.8
    • fixed bug for colour selection: different text for each case
  • dus-persistent 0.0.2
    • made '100% for persistence' more robust
  • mkusb 11.1.9
    • reset alternate usage of 'cancel' button because it caused confusion when the x button is used
  • mkusb 11.2.0
    • version mkusb-11 can be selected as a alternative; mkusb-dus is the main version, mkusb 12.0.0
    • minor bugfix: commented away echo to "toram"

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