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mkusb version 7.5 - mkusb-nox

The text mode quick start manual describes the non-menu No X version 7.5.x

Separate versions for graphical mode and text mode

Starting with version 9 there are separate versions for

  • GUI mode: mkusb

  • text mode: mkusb-nox

This avoids some complicated logic and makes the code smaller. The text version is good for servers and for users who do not want eye-candy. The improved recognition of systems and devices is back-ported from version 8 and updated to the level of version 9 for mkusb-nox.

Small and flexible

mkusb-nox needs no extra packages (but makes the user experience nicer, if you let it install pv). It runs in text screens, terminal windows, via ssh and other network connections.

Use the 'grub-n-iso' method for persistence

'mk-grub-n-iso-s' was only built into 'mkusb'. This means that mkusb-nox cannot make persistent live drives, but you can use the more or less 'command line' methods described in the following tutorial at the Ubuntu Forums for that purpose, the 'grub-n-iso' method,

One pendrive for all PC (Intel/AMD) computers - single-boot dual-boot multi-boot

Installation and downloading

The mkusb-nox package is available alongside the mkusb package from ppa:mkusb/ppa. and ppa:mkusb/unstable

It can also be downloaded as a single file from

Using mkusb-nox

Making a USB drive with Ubuntu mini.iso

The Ubuntu mini.iso can install Ubuntu, Ubuntu Server, or one of the Ubuntu flavours


Making a USB drive to install Windows

mkusb-nox 11.1.2: added feature: make USB install drive for Windows, ../gui#from_the_unstable_PPA

This method is tested and works with Windows versions 7, 8, 10. With 64-bit versions of Windows, the target drive will be able to boot and install in BIOS mode as well as in UEFI mode.

It was not possible to extract the content from the Windows iso file directly to a USB pendrive. The files were not copied correctly (with any of the standard copying tools: cp, rsync, dd) in Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS (the current Ubuntu version, when this feature was added to mkusb-nox). But it works in a reliable way to extract to a tarfile, and then extract from the tarfile to the USB pendrive.


Dialogue with comments

The following dialogue in a terminal window will run mkusb-nox, start by installing pv and then install two iso files into a pendrive (one after another, at the end 'ISO-testing' re-cloning with the daily build.

Running in Arch linux illustrates that mkusb-nox works in many different linux distros. You will find that mkusb-nox can use the pacman installer and suggests to install pv (if it is not installed).


mkusb version 7.4.x - mkusb-bas

There are some commands in mkusb and mkusb-nox, which are not available in old or very small linux distros, for example Wary Puppy. A simple version based on mkusb 7.4 is made for such cases - mkusb-bas.

The basic mode quick start manual describes the text only and non-menu version mkusb-bas

It can be downloaded as a single file from

Check the md5sum with that in

md5sum mkusb-bas

and make it executable

chmod ugo+x mkusb-bas

Then is can be run with superuser permissions (with sudo or as root depending on the linux distro) in the current directory

$ sudo ./mkusb-bas file.iso


# ./mkusb-bas file.iso

If the main web page is not available, please try these alternate links to get mkusb-bas.

The basic mode quick start manual: mkUSB-quick-start-manual-bas.pdf

The program itself, the bash shellscript file: mkusb-bas

Download mkusb-bas in two steps: Click on the link above, and at the attachment page: click on the link mkusb-bas, or click on get near the bottom of the attachment page. The version 7.4.2 checks with the following data

$ ls -l mkusb-bas
-rwxr-xr-x 1 sudodus sudodus 15576 nov 19  2014 mkusb-bas
$ md5sum mkusb-bas
32058d68d0b86910542ace1b37f581ca  mkusb-bas

and the version 7.4.3 checks with the following data

$ ls -l mkusb-bas
-rwxr-xr-x 1 sudodus sudodus 16245 jun 28 00:30 mkusb-bas
$ md5sum mkusb-bas
eade5b61e0ca67a2c59365036a4298e1  mkusb-bas

If you downloaded mkusb-bas before, your internet browser may cache the old version. Please check that you get the current version.

TinyCore 5.4

  • The file system lacks /dev/disk/by-id, so mkusb and mkusb-nox do not work
  • Install
    • (for example) the web browser icecat to find and download mkusb-bas and some ISO file or other image file

    • bash and parted for mkusb-bas

  • Then mkusb-bas works.

Wary Puppy 5.5

  • The ISO file needs treatment with isohybrid to work when cloned to a USB pendrive. You can download the isohybrid iso file from

  • The file system lacks /dev/disk/by-id and the program lsblk is missing, so mkusb and mkusb-nox do not work
  • Wary Puppy can install and run mkusb-bas without further tweaks.

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