This page describes how to sync the Nokia 6230i mobile phone with your PC using wammu.

It was tested using Ubuntu 8.04 and wammu 0.25.

Feel free to update this page.

Install Packages

Install package "wammu":

$ sudo apt-get install wammu

It says in some other parts of the web that the package python-bluez might be needed. I found it worked for me even after I uninstalled it.

Setup bluetooth connection

Make sure you have turned on bluetooth in your phones setting menu and made your phone visible to all.

Make sure you have bluetooth enable in your PC / Laptop. In Ubuntu 8.04 I can see the gnome Bluetooth Manager in my upper panel. There is no need to pair or connect to your phone using the Bluetooth Manager.

In a console check to see if your phone can be seen using this command:

$ hcitool scan

It should return something like this:

Scanning ...
        00:13:FD:89:EC:61       Nokia 6230i

Edit the rfcomm configuration file /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf to match this:

rfcomm0 {
bind yes;
device 00:13:FD:89:EC:61;

Adjust the device bluetooth address to match your own phone! There is no need to set the channel nr or set a comment.

Note: You might encounter permission problems using rfcomm and wammu. In that case issue commands as root using sudo.

Connect to your mobile phone using rfcomm like this:

$ rfcomm connect 0

If all works fine, you should be prompted to accept the connection on your phone, click yes.

Check the connection:

$ rfcomm

You should get something like this:

rfcomm0: 00:10:60:A2:01:45 -> 00:13:FD:89:EC:61 channel 1 connected [reuse-dlc release-on-hup tty-attached]

Configure wammu connection settings

Start wammu:

$ sudo wammu

Note: I had to use sudo otherwise it won't connect to the phone later.

Start the phone wizard to configure the phone connection in wammu using those values:

  • Manual configuration
  • Port where phone is connected: /dev/rfcomm0
  • Connection type: at

After clicking "Next" you'll see the message: "Wammu is now testing phone connection, please wait..." and after a few seconds: "Phone has been found.Manufacurer: Nokia Model: 6230i".

Click yourself through till the end of the installation wizard. Your phone is now configured. Note that you can also change the wammu connection setting using the wammu>settings>connection menu.

Connect and sync your phone

Connect to your phone using the menu item phone>connect. Once you're connected you can retrieve your phone's data like contacts and calls using the menu item "retrieve". Unfortunately I was not able to retrieve my calendar data.

Note, next time you start up your PC it should automatically bind (connect) your phone using rfcomm so you only need to start wammu and connect.


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