Amarok Music Player

Amarok is a full-featured, KDE-based music player and management application and is arguably the best music playing application available on Ubuntu. For the latest documentation seek out the KDE UserBase Amarok Wiki.

Key Features

  • Integrates browsing of Artist, Title and Album information with Wikipedia
  • Lyrics
  • Playlists
  • Scriptable and themeable
  • Rating system
  • Integration with
  • Download covers
  • Choice of library database (e.g. MySQL)


2.2 collection and playlist

Hints and Tips

Moving and Copying Files to an iPod

Amarok should be able to detect your iPod if you can mount the iPod to the file system. You should see the iPod collection under the Local Music collections area. Take care not to click the "Toggle unified view mode" switch.

To move or copy files to your connected iPod from the computer, simply right click the item in your desktop's local file collection and choose "Copy to Collection" or "Move to Collection" and then select your "iPod" in the extended menu choice.

Other applications you may wish to look at

  • K3b - Integrates with Amarok for burning CDs

  • for Linux - application from

  • lastfm - QT-based application

  • last-exit - application

  • Rhythmbox - Ubuntu's default music player

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