AVG Free is a version of the AVG antivirus which is free for private and non-commercial use.

Other antivirus software for Ubuntu can be found here.

There is no (offical) graphical interface available for the current Linux versions of AVG. AVG GUI is a GUI for AVG, more details can be found in the 'External Links' on this page.

Installing AVG Free

This works for both 32 and 64 bit versions of Ubuntu 10.10 and above.

  • Download the linux version (.deb file): http://free.avg.com/download.prd-alf

  • Double-click on the file which can be found in your download folder then click on the Software Centre Installation button. (Note: 64-bit versions of Ubuntu need ia32-libs, or similar package before install)
  • Reboot the PC to initialize AVG. Alternatively you could run
    • sudo /etc/init.d/avgd start

Using AVG Free

Open a terminal (Applications-Accessories-Terminal). Now update the virus definitions (while connected to the web) with

sudo avgupdate

To perform a virus check enter

sudo avgscan

For example you want to scan your USB device:

First type on the terminal:

sudo blkid

After you do this you will see a list of the devices with some extra information Look for the "UUID" number, also if the device appear to have a "LABEL" then use this last one.

Ok now that you know the "UUID" or "LABEL" if is the case

you can proceed with the following code supposing the "UUID" is AE45, Remember to copy the whole code even if it contains "-" ok now type the following:

sudo avgscan /media/AE45

Now the scan operations will be performed.

Good Luck Wink ;)


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