Hardware Summary

Fully/Mostly functional

  • Audio [ works out of box ]
  • Video (without desktop effects)[ works out of box ]
  • USB [ works out of box ]
  • Wireless Networking [ works out of box, though many reports of seemingly randomly dropped signal due to poor Athelon driver]
  • Wired Networking [ works out of box ]
  • Webcam [ works out of box ]
  • Suspend/Resume [ works out of box ]
  • Hibernate [ WiFi sometimes disabled after Hibernate ]

Non functional

Other Issues

Power manager sometimes incorrectly detects critically low battery power and invokes the action that has been configured under power management preferences. With default settings this makes the machine go into Hibernate when there is still plenty of battery power left. Workaround is to set is to use gconf-editor to set <gnome-power-manager/actions/critical_battery> to "nothing". You will still get a warning when the battery level is critical, but you can choose to ignore it.

Update: Updating the BIOS from 1.08 to 1.25 solved this problem. The update is available from the acer website, although I could only find it after I'd first registered my netbook. It can be installed without problem from a bootable FreeDOS memory stick.

WiFi Update: As of 2010.12.10 my WiFi signal drop problems appear to have disappeared. I have not installed any new driver software. I have kept my 10.04 system up to date.

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