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The Acer Aspire One (or AAO, or AA1, as it's known by fans), is a type of ultra-portable computer called a "Netbook". Since there is so much community documentation for the Acer Aspire One, the docs have been divided into subpages. This main page acts as an index and contains some general information.

AAO Model Subpages

There are many netbooks under the name "Acer Aspire One". Each component is shared by some of them but in general they are different.

The following models have received community documentation:

Nevertheless, fixes, enhancements, and solutions for another model may work for your netbook, specially when:

  • The issue is not considered at the subpage specific for your model;
  • The subpage specific for your model is outdated (pages get outdated soon as new releases come);
  • There is no subpage specific for your model.

Warning about outdated pages

The following functionalities improve considerably between two Ubuntu releases:

  • Wireless, Audio, Webcam, Video, Fan control, USB, Sleep, Hibernation.

They are likely to be outdated in some of the subpages. In most cases they describe manual fixes that are not necessarily with the latest release.


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Other Distributions

Several other distributions have their own installation guides for the Aspire One.

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