Use Unetbootin

On this website: Create a bootable USB Drive or Memory Card, the tool used was UNetbootin which seems to only require the one computer to run it on (as a statically linked binary, no install required, minimal dependencies) and generically works for a large number of distributions in addition to ubuntu and handles custom diskimages and custom kernels. This seems like a tool that is a little more quick than UbuntuLiveUSB.

To install:

  • download .bin file from sourceforge
  • right click on file, check executable (or run chmod +x *.bin in terminal)
  • sudo apt-get install mtools p7zip-full
  • run file (double click or type ./unetbooin-linux-282 in terminal) on any linux system
  • select diskimage or distribution
  • select USB drive from list (uses only device names unfortunately)
  • click ok

Note: UNetbootin is now available in the repositories and can be installed using a package manager.

Flash drive or memory card will be formatted and set up as a bootable drive.

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