Ubuntu contains Brasero, which allows for drag and drop audio cd creation.

Starting Brasero is as simple as putting a blank writable CD in your burner - you should see a popup that asks which type of CD you wish to burn. Click the "Create Audio CD" button, and Brasero will launch. Otherwise, start Brasero through the Launcher (ie, touch the Super key) by typing "audio" or "brasero" and choosing the Brasero application.

For more information on how to use Brasero, see

How to Create an Audio CD from the Shell

Here's how to make an audio CD from the console.

cdrecord will create audio CDs from wav files. To convert your ogg vorbis files to wav files is as easy as

 $ oggdec Mysong.ogg

A song takes about 7 seconds to decode on my machine.

For flac files:

 $ flac --decode Mysong.flac

This takes about 4 seconds to decode on my machine.

Or to copy an audio CD:

 $ cdparanoia -B && eject

will rip the current CD in the drive to the current directory, in separate WAV files.

To burn the CD, just type::

 $ cdrecord dev=device-name \*.wav

Replace device-name with the device name for your cd burner [/dev/hdd on my machine].


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