Brasero is a CD and DVD writing ('burning') application. Since Ubuntu 8.04, it has been installed by default.


Applications > Sound & Video > Brasero Disc Burning

Brasero Startup Page

Brasero Data Project

The startup screen shows different projects and other tasks you can start. The main ones allow you to burn:

  • Data discs
  • Audio discs
  • Video discs
  • Disk 'images' (e.g. Linux distributions)
  • Copies of discs

Brasero can erase a rewritable disc so it can be used again: Tools > Erase... There is also a basic cover editor available: Tools > Cover Editor.

Hints & Tips

There are four plugins that come with Brasero by default in Ubuntu:

  • File Checksum - check the integrity of files on a disc.
  • Image Checksum - check the integrity of a disc image.
  • local-track - lets you burn network files.
  • normalize - gives audio CDs have a consistent sound level.


Part of the default installation since Ubuntu 8.04. For earlier versions of Ubuntu, the brasero package can be installed.

See also

  • K3b - A KDE/Kubuntu disc burning application.

  • GnomeBaker - Another Gnome disc burning application.

  • CdDvd/Burning - A general guide to burning CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs.

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