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Connect2School is a Citrix web application currently deployed at a few educational institutions, including the Chapel Hill/Carrboro (NC, US) City Schools, providing access to a school-hosted remote desktop of applications. The following instructions are intended to assist in setting up for that particular system, but the general approach (aside from the specific web URI) should be useful for other web deployments of Citrix XenApp, ICA, MetaFrame, or Presentation Server. The installation has two parts

  1. Install the native client onto the intended workstation.
  2. Configure the web app (on both the client and server sides)
    1. Server side
    2. Client side

Install and Configure the Native Client

  1. Determine which version of Ubuntu your workstation is running (see, e.g., How To Find Your Ubuntu or Kernel Version or lsb_release under System Information Commands).

  2. Determine your workstation's architecture (see, e.g., uname under System Information Commands), and specifically whether it is 32- or 64-bit.

  3. Use the appropriate instructions in the Citrix ICA client howto to get the native client running on your system.

  4. Note the location of the native client executable wfcmgr, e.g. /usr/lib/ICAClient/wfcmgr.

Configure Web Client

Server Side

  1. Login to the portal.
    1. Browse to the Connect 2 School portal.
    2. Login by entering your student's credentials.
  2. Configure the portal.
    1. Find the text "C2S Applications" (probably at the upper left of the page). Note the adjacent image links.
    2. Hover over the icons. Find the one with text

Click here to customize the user interface.
  • and click on that.
  1. In the resulting Settings page, choose Client Preferences.
  2. Select Local Client if not set by default, and click OK.
  3. Return to the initial portal page by clicking on the leftmost icon in Settings.

Client Side

You must cause your browser to call the native client you installed above. This will differ by browser.

Using Firefox

  1. Launch "My Desktop"
    1. Ensure you are logged into the portal main page.

    2. Double-click on the "My Desktop" icon.
      • If the remote desktop launches, you are done: skip the next section.
      • If Firefox opens a dialog prompting to download launch.ica or similar file, proceed to the next section.
  2. Configure the XenApp plugin.

  3. The remote desktop should then launch. If not, seek help elsewhere:
    • If your student attends the Chapel Hill/Carrboro (NC, US) City Schools, consult your student's school's technology specialist.

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