This page contains information about connecting to the Internet and working with networks. If you require information about applications which use the Internet, Internet Applications may be of interest.

Networking basics

  • Network Devices - Information on installation of Internet and network related hardware.

  • Wifi Docs - A list of pages relating to setting up and configuring wireless Internet.

  • The Internet section of the official Ubuntu documentation contains advice on connecting to the Internet.

  • Home server - Creating and configuring a home server.

  • VPN server - Securing a small Wireless network using VPN

  • VPN client - Setting up your computer to be able to connect to a network that offers VPN access.

  • Security - A general guide to security

  • AutomaticConnections - A list of automatic connections that Ubuntu makes and a guide how to stop them

Network control

Network configuration

Network monitoring

  • Monitor Internet traffic totals - Monitor the amount of data uploaded and download from the Internet.

  • Cacti - This guide is for setting up a base install of Cacti on Ubuntu (Alternative to MRTG).

Accessing networked resources

Direct access

  • SSH - Use SSH to log into other machines remotely. See AdvancedOpenSSH for enhanced security.

  • VNC - Share your desktop over a local network or over the Internet.

  • TFTP - Trivial File Transfer Protocol is a simple way to allow a client to get files from, or put files to, a remote host.

Filesystem Access

  • Mounting Windows shares - How to mount a sharable Windows drive permanently with Samba.

  • iFolder - Install and configure iFolder to share and synchronize files over the network.

  • NFS - How to set up Ubuntu to connect to an NFS server.

  • SSHFS - How to use sshfs to mount a remote directory through an ssh tunnel.

Terminal servers

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