General USB DVB-T

You can identify your device (and whether or not it is supported) from this list (just hit ctrl-F and look for your device). In case your device isn't listed it might already be supported by default, try this documentation.

Else copy the firmware for your card to /lib/firmware/ from here.

Then follow this guide.

The specific steps needed on Ubuntu are:

Get the required packages ($ means your home directory in the shell) (EDIT: '$' actually just means you're an unprivileged user; make sure to check your path. '~' signifies your home directory. e.g. bob@computer:~$ means you're logged in as bob (an unprivileged user) on computer and that you're currently working in your home directory):

$ sudo apt-get install git linux-headers-$(uname -r) build-essential patchutils libproc-processtable-perl

Fetch source code:

$ git clone git:// 

Change to the directory created before:

$ cd media_build

Compile the code (takes some time):

$ ./build

Install the compiled code:

sudo make install

Restart your system.

Now you can start kaffeine and it should automatically detect your DVB-T tuner. If you don't have kaffeine installed you just need to: sudo apt-get install kaffeine Although kaffeine is a KDE app it will work fine on GNOME.

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