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Huawei E220

It does not work out of the box in Ubuntu.

Huawei E220 is an attached USB peripheral, not mass storage (bug interprets this 3g Modem as Mass Storage at first).The modem offers three virtual usb-connection. Two command-connection and one virtual cd-drive that holds some useless windows-drivers. So, technically it is a modem, USB and (due to the CDFS format) virtual CD-ROM device.

With new Kernels, you may have maybe two desktop icons and three entries if you do:

ls -la /dev/ttyU* 

Basically, what has been done is that you have removed the initial inclination to treat the device only as a bulk storage (removing the module that handles that). You've also manually caused the recognition of the device (using the modprobe command). So that when you re-plugged it, it should now be able to work with the modem part of the device addressing it as /dev/ttyUSB0, rather than that being the bulk storage device (virtual CD-ROM).

In Ubuntu 10.04 you may require the usb-modeswitch package for this device to operate correctly as a modem.

Wvdial and its graphical frontend gnome-ppp

This is the recommended way: see DialupModemHowto/Huawei/E220.

Vodafone / Telia GUI

The Huawei E220 can be a USB 'dongle' for HSDPA connection through the Vodaphone network.

Download vodafone-mobile-connect-card-driver-for-linux (in short, VMCCfl) :

Project details and downloads here: https://forge.betavine.net/projects/vodafonemobilec/

Click in the file to open it with GDebi.

Plug-in the modem in the USB port.

Start Vodafone Mobile Connect Card Driver for Linux in Program->Internet

Include your username, password and ISP data and click on Connect. Now, you can use Internet (try it opening a web browser).

Dependencies and sub-dependencies

If you are using the Ubuntu 7.10 Live CD, you need to download these dependency packages (not included in the Live CD) and install them using Gebi:

  1. Python-twisted-conch
  2. Python-pysqlite2
  3. Python-2.4-minimal
  4. Python-twisted-words
  5. Python-twisted-web
  6. Python-twisted-runner
  7. Python-tz
  8. Python-twisted-bin
  9. Python-twisted-news
  10. Python-zopeinterface
  11. Python-crypto
  12. Python-twisted
  13. Python-twisted-core
  14. Python-twisted-lore
  15. Python-twisted-mail
  16. Python 2.4
  17. Python-twisted-names
  18. Python-serial.

Some of these packages need others (sub-dependencies):

  1. libc6

If you want more automatization and are offline, you can use an offline repository or download the packages from other computer with Internet connection and install them in Ubuntu.

You can donĀ“t want or can install all this dependencias, you can try the wvdial config file for Huawei E220


Profile name = Telia3G

username = 3G

password = internet

Preferred connection = 3G 

Authentication mode = default

APN host = online.telia.se

In other networks, you can change "online.telia.se" to "internet"

umtsmon GUI

umtsmon provides a GUI, allows you to send SMS and change your PIN, has a connect- and disconnect-button.

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