Dialup Modem Howto

This page is designed to help you set up the driver, and configure your dial-up connection over a modem. If you need information about modems, see Modems. If you need to buy a new modem, see the appropriate section at Discussion.

Some general discussion about this page as well as useful links can be found at Discussion.

Unfortunately Ubuntu does not configure modems during installation (there is some work in progress), but installs Wvdial and NetworkManager. It does not come with many of the controller-less / software modem drivers! So you may need a way to transfer data to your machine!


  • Identify the modem with the ScanModem tool or wvdialconf.

  • Download, configure and install driver. If needed, it's often more economical to buy an easy one.
  • Configure the dial-up connection to your provider.

Download / Detect and Configure / Install

You will need a way to transfer data to your machine! (e.g. floppies, USB memory sticks, discs, or a working ethernet connection, or another modem, lots of keyboard entries or temporary connection to the Internet).

You have to detect the modem, if not really detected. For this, you can use :

Now, choose one of the following options:

  1. Setserial controller based / hardware modems should just work: use the information provided below to configure your connection to your ISP.

  2. If compiling from source & Installing GCC 3.4

  3. Setup ALSA drivers (snd_atiixp_modem, snd_via82xx_modem, snd_intel8x0m)

  4. Setup Conexant drivers

  5. Setup Huawei Modems

  6. Setup Intel537EP driver

  7. Setup Intel536EP driver

  8. Setup Lucent driver

  9. Setup LG LXU 800

  10. Setup Mobile Phone Modem

  11. Setup PCTel Modems

  12. Setup Smartlink driver

  13. No information was available in the output files

Configure Connection to Internet Service Provider

  1. For Ubuntu, without installing additional software (a.k.a NetworkAdmin in System => Administration => Networking)

  2. For Ubuntu, alternative approach (using gnome-ppp)

  3. For Kubuntu (using kppp)

  4. Alternative Way 1 (using wvdialconf & wvdial)

  5. Alternative Way 2 (using pppconfig & pon/poff)

  6. Alternative Way 3 (using minicom)

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