So, the output of the scanModem tool couldn't give you any useful pointers to follow? Or you couldn't understand what the output is telling you even after reading it several times in order to find your modem in this list? Yes, please read the contents of that file several times Wink ;)

Did you try the support channels for Ubuntu, including the web forums, IRC chat rooms, and email lists? Yes?

Than it might be time to email the list server of,, to politely ask for help. Please keep in mind that the people you will be asking for help are volunteers.

But wait! Don't just send that email yet. You have to follow some guidelines, which are provided at the beginning of your ModemData.txt (one of the output files of scanModem). You also have to send them your ModemData.txt, by copying and pasting the whole thing to your email message.

Below is an example. Please do not use this example to email the list. That will not help you. Please use the guidelines provided in your own ModemData.txt.

Only plain text email is forwarded by the List Server.
Do use the following as the email Subject Line:
         SomeName, YourCountry Ubuntu 6.06 LTS kernel 2.6.15-23-386
This will alert cogent experts, and distinguish cases in the Archives.
YourCountry will enable Country Code guidance.
Occassionally responses are blocked by an Internet Provider mail filters.
So in a day, also check the Archived responses at .
Local Linux experts can be found through:

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