This page is a starting point toward a spec to be proposed at UDS Prague '08. Please use this page to list the mission critical items (and corresponding LP bug numbers) toward getting full support on the Asus EeePC.

Fixes For Inclusion

Fixes & updates which could be deployed in the main Ubuntu install.


Transformations & tweaks which would be specific to subnotebooks - and would be extraneous to the main Ubuntu install - a transformation meta package could apply all these tweaks in one go.

  • Sane defaults to maximise screen real estate in Gnome. Smaller fonts / One Panel / Gnome-Do
  • Overclocking the 700 series processor.
  • Minimise disk usage / recognize SSD on installation and apply tweaks (swappiness etc.)
  • When vertical resolution is very low, you should be able to move windows above the taskbar by default (disable constrain Y in Compiz)
  • There is no CD-drive. Hence, no need for Brasero/Sound-Juicer etc. to be installed by default.
  • Reduce power consumption. Automatic processor scaling, Intel Powertop fixes etc.
  • Boot time / Shutdown improvements?
  • OCD (

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