Ekiga was the default Internet telephony (VoIP) application/SoftPhone in Ubuntu until Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala), when it was replaced by Empathy. It lets you make audio and video calls over the Internet to people who have hardware or software that follows the SIP or H.323 standards. Ekiga also features basic instant messaging.

Ekiga has a robust and wide support for multimedia, and is compatible with Windows Messenger and most VoIP applications. Ekiga cannot communicate with Skype because Skype uses its own non-standard protocols. If you have a suitable SIP provider, you can also use Ekiga to place calls to any normal phone line.

During installation of Ekiga, it might be necessary to change router settings.

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Desktop interoperability

Ekiga works with Linux or Windows. For Mac OS, you can use the free software xmeeting.

Ekiga is compatible with Netmeeting (H.323, windows), Windows Messenger (SIP, Windows), Gizmo (SIP, multi-platform), and other programs listed on the Ekiga documentation. services (free calls PC-to-PC) is a free service (no ads) based upon Free Software (iptel and Asterisk) ran by the Ekiga team.

Register to a commercial VoIP provider (landline and mobile phones)

You can register to a commercial VoIP provider to place calls to normal phone line or cell phone (POTS). Ekiga allows you to register with several VoIP providers.

* See Ekiga/VoIPProviders - How to register to a commercial VoIP provider.


* See Ekiga/Configuration for help on configuring Ekiga.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

* See Ekiga/FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions about Ekiga.

Install Ekiga

In trusty (14.04) and later, Ekiga is available in the Universe repository. The package name is ekiga.

Install snapshots from the website

You can get the latest development snapshots from Installing them may solve problems you are experiencing, but be aware that the snapshots could also cause more problems. This package will replace your actual and stable version.

Install snapshots using a repository

Add this GPG key to verify the repository

  • Add the key to your key list

$ gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 3596ED6E
  • Add the key to apt utils

$ gpg --export --armor 3596ED6E | sudo apt-key add -

Add the repositories

  • The Ekiga SVN snapshot repository

deb <release> main
  • The updates repository (official)

deb <release>-updates main multiverse

where <release> is the codename of the Ubuntu release used, for example 'natty'.

Optionally you can add more features installing those packages:

  • for webcam support using only V4L API: libpt-snapshot-plugins-v4l

  • FireWire camera AVC video support: libpt-snapshot-plugins-avc

  • FireWire camera DC video support: libpt-snapshot-plugins-dc

  • The H264 Video codec: libopal-snapshot-plugins-h264

Install Ekiga Snapshot

  • Install the package ekiga-snapshot

Ekiga Links

Navigate to Ekiga pages at Ubuntu Help

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